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18, Malaysian, a girl with cleft palate and cleft palate is just something i was born with

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I can’t, not reblog. Its just too good. 

Dean’s gun, Merida’s arrow and Captain America’s shield - fucking best of the lot.

[x]: “When I try to make stuff nowadays, what holds me back isn’t the idea that maybe it’s not gonna be very good - it’s maybe you don’t like it and by extension, you won’t like me. So I run away, which is what I like to do when I’m scared. I run and I don’t do anything at all.”

Semalam isi UPU. Banyak gila kot pilihan. tapi mostly aku isi semalam food science technology.muahahaha. dkt UPM,UiTM,USIM,UMT etc. Semoga Allah mempermudahkan urusan :)

sometimes, it’s fun to reminisce about the past XD

there was a teacher that i’m still remember til now and forever XD. Ustazah Fiza. 

Tadika Al-hidayah,selangor (2001)

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